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What has been a better experience overall. Public servers, or the other ones?

2021.10.28 14:24 prezbo91 What has been a better experience overall. Public servers, or the other ones?

Now, before anyone tells me that it depends on what you are looking for, I just mean in general when it comes to experiences, either as a group or a lone wolf.
None of my friends have the patience for DayZ and I have only ever played on Role Play servers.
I was hoping to eventually meet characters, but I’ve only ever had awkward encounters. 😂
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2021.10.28 14:24 BoredAndBrowsing247 Interest Advice Question For Services Provided

Let's say you have an agreement with a business for a service. At the time of this agreement they give you a set price which is to be paid by a pension.
Weeks later you then get told that you will not be provided with the service until payment is made and they say if payment is not provided by the end of the week that they call you, interest will be added. The pension is still going through processes, can they charge this interest if they did not tell you at the time of the original agreement?
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2021.10.28 14:24 Ancalagon523 Dabur's Karwa Chauth advertisement with lesbian couple taken down after MP minister's objection

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2021.10.28 14:24 ThePurpleCookies Prime time my friends let’s keep running the table!

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2021.10.28 14:24 dbtgJon Need help reading license plate from Dash Cam (Hit and run)

I was involved in an incident the other day with a guy with road rage. He was angry that I cut in front of him while merging so he later drove on the shoulder lane to cut me off back and hit my car in the process. After we exchanged words, he drove off without exchanging information with me.
In the moment of it all, I was in shocked at what had happened that I didn't pull out my phone to take a picture of his plate. It was super hard to make out his license plate with his plate cover on my dash cam footage so I'm in need of some help.
I think his car is a Black BMW 530i 2010 (ish). This was in Ontario so the plates are mostly 4 letters then followed by 3 digits (Eg. ABCD 123)
Raw footage: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49kgmr7xajghbio/2021_1027_164257_386%20hit%20and%20run.MOV?dl=0
The contact happen at the 2:35 sec mark.
Any bit of help is really appreciated.
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2021.10.28 14:24 mrkristopher77 Ghost 1.0 missing from eshop?

I got the message from Deku Deals about Ghost 1.0 going on sale, but the eshop web page for the game is gone. Google finds it, but it just comes up blank. A search on the Nintendo site doesn't return anything for the game. I wonder what happened.
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2021.10.28 14:24 Euphoric-Distance971 SWE internship interview today - any words of wisdom?

This will be the first interview I've ever had for a SWE internship and I am so nervous. Is the first interview usually technical or behavioral? I am not sure what to expect for the first interview since there are usually a few rounds of interviews from what I understand about the process. Also if anyone has any words of wisdom or encouragement it would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!
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2021.10.28 14:24 Ruy7 Doing the Walking the Planes Challenge. Looking for suggestions regarding some things.

Here is a link for the challenge: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/general-jumpchain-thread-8.826860/page-1156?post=69908847#post-69908847
The main gist is: Instead of jumping and staying in another world for 10 years, you are sort of a Planeswalker.
To go to another jump you have to do a 12 hour hard ritual.
You start with 0 CP and gain 100CP per year you stay useable only in its respective setting (for perks, items, companions, etc.). Freebies become active after 6 months. For discounts you are a drop-in.
You are always a drop-in, that is you don't change your body barring shapeshifting perks or so. If there is no drop in option in the jump you get no discounts.
I'm first looking for worlds(jumps) that are relatively comfy for a new interdimensional arrival. As you don't start even with freebies room and board are kinda important. So far I have:
Disgaea - As long as you pledge your loyalty to the most supreme and greatest overlord Laharl. Even if you start of useless he will probably give you room and board and some menial work. The freebies in this jump are not bad and the castle is safe.
The next two are NSFW.
Pokegirls - Apparently interdimensional arrivals are known there. You get a Pokegirl by the government, some survival training and a job. Pokegirls you catch are free companions.
Camp Petal for Gifted Girls - Interdimensional camp (toggle for academy) that teaches magic.
Aside from jumps that are accommodating to interdimensional arrivals. I'm looking for relatively cheap 1-ups, healing/regeneration, alternatives to blank from Worm and similar.
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2021.10.28 14:24 Aggressive_Apple9758 I’m so unhappy

I can’t describe what I’m feeling, it’s like these waves of sadness just hit me out of nowhere and I feel nothing and everything at the same time. I feel completely isolated from my friends and family. I feel like a fucking failure all of the time I can’t do shit I physically can’t bring myself to do anything. Whatever I do manage to do I always fuck up in some way and then I hate myself so much for it.
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2021.10.28 14:24 biodegrablebabies stretching

hey. i have a 16g septum and wanted to know how to stretch it to a 14g. i have the jewelry but before i try to shove it in there, is there a trick to do it? or should i just go to my piercer to get it put in?
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2021.10.28 14:24 One_Membership_5804 Why are most Europeans poor when compared to Australians? Is it cause they rent their entire life and don't own a home?

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2021.10.28 14:24 dlschindler Horror Maze

"Crossroads is where I was, mister. Crossroads." Shy strummed. Even when he spoke his voice was perfectly sonorous. Every movement, a dance.
The four good boys sat fat on their fence. Shy's outline stood perfectly under Old Lonesome Tree from where the good boys sat watching his little song and dance. Shy had indeed come back with some difference. They couldn't even hate him, he was too fine.
"We'll see you later." Samsung promised. There was no threat in his tone. He looked forward to Shy's performance. Instinct made him set his bigotry aside. They all plucked grass and tried to conduct the breeze of the fields as Shy had. He was an impressive Nobody, that was for sure, is what they were thinking.
They had no idea. Shy was always gifted, he was just too scared to show it. At the crossroads he had met himself. He'd been blinded by the Morning Star. Nobody could look at Shy and not see that he was second to God in Creation. As each of us walks among the others, pretending we are merely men. Shy remembered where his star was hung.
"I invented music." Shy laughed. He clapped and walked along and the resonance carried, timed to the rhythm of all the world. He could, at will, cause reality to be more like a musical. He grinned and walked backwards, noting the perfection of all things in his wake, humming and warming their instruments. The whole world a grand orchestra.
As he walked backwards he snapped his fingers and hunched over and scatted. The ants zigged and zagged at the command of his beat and the birds dipped and chirped as backups. Even the clouds seemed to fracture like the constructs from music, images, patterns from the increments. As Shy leapt into a song it was all about to make his walk to the barn go by like a choreographed number, except who stood in his way. Shy was standing on the air, sinking to the road as he was obstructed by this wraith.
Her darkness was a veil, a shadow. She sucked the vim from the air and caused gravity to pull Shy back down to the road. His perfect velvet slippers finally tasted the mud of the road. No more floating on the air.
"Anna Lee. I was going to call on you, right after the Barn Thing." Shy swore.
"No you were not." Anna Lee told the truth. She never lied.
"I would have. I was just going to go the the Barn Thing first." Shy tried to explain.
"You would not have." Anna Lee bid him walk beside her. Color drained from his face as he matched pace with Anna Lee. He tried not to look at her.
"Anna Lee, you should not be here." He told her. He felt sick and terrified. He did not want to see beneath that darkened veil.
"My story takes precedent. You have all night. I only have until sunset." Anna Lee reminded him. "Walk with me, my childe. My sacred lord, my little god. Take me where we used to go. Take me by the hand." Anna Lee commanded.
"No. I am still alive, Anna Lee. I am still alive. Don't you put that curse on me! Don't you take this away, I just got back. I know who I am now!" Shy stopped and even as he stammered there was a perfection to his cadence. As though he were beginning to sing everyone's favorite song. Then the air went dead.
Anna Lee turned to face him, her dark veil looming hideously. Corruption of the flesh, the macabre and the grinning skull and empty eye sockets waited beneath, with Anna Lee's hair and jewelry and somehow: her living voice. Then she responded to him in perfectly matched musical resonance:
"I only speak until the sunset. I only walk until I arrive. I have only a little while. Love me till I fade away."
Shy was not for such a date. He dropped his instrument and fled to the barn. He ran so fast his slippers became muddied. His slacks became torn. Only his shirt stayed, but he'd sweated it purple. So he arrived as he had left, for his wallet had also fallen out onto the road as he ran. So out of breath he had no charming voice, nor could he win anyone with a smile. He had to watch the Barn Thing from outside. It was just as well, because someone had to tell the story of what happened next.
I myself was just a newborn and my mother did not go. So that is why the memory is only for me and Shy and Ma. And the daughter of Jericho, who's name is also Anna Lee. She wasn't Shy's Anna Lee, though. Shy's Anna Lee was dead so many years before any of this happened.
Jericho was mean to Anna Lee after her mother died. He made her into the woman of the house at a young age and he was cruel to her. She was a tough girl, though, and worked hard with the animals. They did so well, with her husbandry and a bit of luck, that the herd multiplied. Jericho Beef was worth millions as a company. Anna Lee stood to inherit the brand she had built. She just had to outlast her father.
As the years went on, however, the old man showed no signs of aging or slowing down. She needed a miracle. Like a sign from God. Or the devil. Either would do.
Under the rising Saturn, under our own moon, the white calf was born. She called it Midas. Right away she could see this was different from all the other births. It began by eating its own afterbirth, the placenta and bit into the udder for blood.
She gave it the runt of the piglets from the next day and it killed and ate it. Anna Lee could see this one was different for sure. She helped her father with the corn maze they were making for this year's Barn Thing. It was the eleventh one he had made on his own and the twentieth one he had made. Now she was learning the trade of making corn mazes, her third one. She asked if he would let her design it and he told her she could try. He liked her design.
She had made a hunting grounds for Midas. When they were done she put Midas in the maze where it could feed on small animals. Jericho saw it feeding on one of his dogs and went to get his gun. Anna Lee was very good, at that point, at persuading her father. She clubbed him over the back of his head.
When he came to she discovered he had no recollection of even making the maze. So she put together the Barn Thing herself. People were going to go into the maze with that thing and she didn't care. Some weird evil had gotten hold of her. Maybe it was some kind of revenge.
Sometime during the next year, after Shy came back, there was a new corn maze. This one was just Anna Lee's work. Jericho had gone missing at that point. So had six other people, including two people from the year before who never came out the maze. At least that is what the rumor was.
Shy went into the barn after the corn maze opened. Everyone else in the world had gone inside.
"You aren't from around here?" Anna Lee asked Shy. He was sipping some punch solemnly.
"I am. I ran into a ghost." Shy told her. He tried not to make eye contact with her. She thought it cute.
"You were the one I hired for this." She held up his letter. "Coulda used some music. Wasn't much of a Barn Thing without the dance. Not much of a dance without the music."
"You had music." Shy pointed out.
"Come let me get you some fresh cloths." Anna Lee offered suddenly. She led him to the house and bid him undress behind a screen. She found fitting cloths for him to wear, and some boots. "That's better."
"Thank you. I will refund you what you paid me in advance. As soon as I find my wallet." Shy promised.
"Don't. As you said, I had other musicians there tonight." Anna Lee laughed. The others were Samsung and his friends who never saw him skulking outside and filled in for him. They had played terribly.
She took the double barrel shotgun from over the mantle and the revolver she had finished loading. She tucked it into her belt. She had discarded the white rabbit of the masquerade with the blue butterflies painted on it. She gave him one kiss and smiled strangely.
There was then a bloodcurdling scream from the corn maze. Others started to scream in terror also. But it was no ordinary maze. It was a series of barbed wire fences in the shape of a labyrinth that were disguised as a corn maze. Nobody could escape.
"What is in there?" Shy asked Anna Lee.
"My daddy's bones." Anna Lee laughed. It was the sound of madness.
"I've got to go." Shy told her.
"You haven't heard all their music." Anna Lee promised him. She aimed the shotgun.
So he stood there at gunpoint and listened as the beast found and killed them all, one by one. He trembled and cried for the night was long and odious. Not once did the shrieks and strained voices cease. He recognized Samsung, the last of the victims:
"What the Hell? There is no way out!" Samsung decried.
"He is right." Anna Lee lowered the gun. The deathcries and screams of terror had ceased.
"Is it over?" Shy was backing away from her.
"You never guessed what I buried in there." Anna Lee worried.
"What is it? I don't know, a sea monster? A dragon? A pale horseman?" Shy stared at the darkness outside the blood soaked cornfield.
"I buried my father. A yearling bull of sable beauty. It eats people." Anna Lee sang mockingly.
"Please don't sing. I can't. Why? Halloween?" Shy wondered. "Just not music now."
"No more music? You heard enough music from the Horn Maze?" Anna Lee asked him playfully.
"I couldn't make music again." Shy predicted. "That's your's now."
"I never liked music. Too bad its mine now." Anna Lee giggled.
Down the road he walked. The sun started to come up. He noticed the Jack O Lantern on my Mama's porch and came and sat beside it and cried. My Daddy had gone to the Barn Thing. Everyone in the world went to the Barn Thing.
They all went and they all died.
I never got to go to any Barn Things. Shy tells me I am not missing out on anything. He says the best part of a Barn Thing is the music. We got that.
Anna Lee still holds one Barn Thing. Nobody comes.
Every night is Halloween for Shy so he can sing to us. Ma says he has the voice of an angel. Keeps the devil away, keeps the devil at the crossroads.
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2021.10.28 14:24 levathorn My best...... skirmish score

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2021.10.28 14:24 EestiMentioned [/r/freebitcoin] Get $20 on Bitstamp! (instant 20% return on your $100)

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2021.10.28 14:24 Lonelling Why do cricketers wears caps while fielding?

Helmet while batting, obviously important. But why an extra peoce of clothing for no reason? In the heat (if you are not the blackcaps,lol) makes sense. But night matches too? Seams the norm? How did that come to be?
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2021.10.28 14:24 mep1969 They'll be okay. Just throw some overripe bananas at them.

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2021.10.28 14:24 AcrobaticSuspect1270 Heard any good Jokes Lately Ethan? (taken from antiques roadshow)

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2021.10.28 14:24 Significant-Arm-4451 18 [OC] y’all are fine aff😍😍😘💦💦💦 sugar daddy?🥺🥺😩

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2021.10.28 14:24 Consistent-Comfort-9 At least they know we exist

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2021.10.28 14:24 Tmkct Evil Sanjay Manjrekar

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2021.10.28 14:24 KaptenRogert I don't know if i can handle my boyfriend's anxiety anymore

(Throwaway account)
My boyfriend has a lot of anxiety. The fact that he has a sleugh of other mental health issues, all stemming from a difficult upbringing, isn't helping either.
He has this need for control in his life that is crippling him. The other day, i booked a time at the hairdresser at his request. But i forgot to request which hairdresser. Slipped my mind. I get the time and text him the time. He asks if i requested a hairdresser (he had a specific one in mind) and i tell him no, i forgot, and he gets really angry. Like, why didn't you remember, do you want me in a bad haircut. I offer to call back and request the specific hairdresser, and he says no, it'll give him more anxiety. It escalates to the point where he has a panic attack for about 1 hour.
I have been together with him for 4.5 years. His panic attacks are nothing new. I have been the cause of a few before, and i always make sure to make him feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. If i'm the cause, i always apologize and give him the space he needs afterwards, as well as make sure he has everything he needs, because of course i don't want him to feel bad, or keep feeling bad, least of all cause of me.
He's taking medication to alleviate the anxiety. He's doing his absolute best, and i'm cheering him on, always, everyday, over small things he does to improve his self-care. I love him with my entire being. We have two cats, and an apartment, and a life together.
This last panic attack made me want to pack up my shit and move away. I still have a lingering feeling like that. i don't want to have to deal with his anxiety anymore, and do things for him to alleviate his anxiety, only to find out that i did it wrong and causing him more anxiety. I don't want to be his personal assistant, i want to be his partner.
I congratulate him when he cleans the litter boxes, but when i clean the entire house to make sure his need for cleanliness is met, only to hear that i missed something small and being told to do it right from the start.
I'm so tired. I've worked multiple jobs to make sure that our rent is paid every month for over a year. He tried to get paid sick leave, but nothing came from that, so he was home m, taking care of himself and the cats.
I just want a break from it all.
Sorry for the long post. Sorry if it doesn't meet the rules of this subreddit, i just... need it out there.
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2021.10.28 14:24 Hamborgirr Axie Infinity Scholarship Application

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2021.10.28 14:24 7fingersphil This row of cars at a dealership for some reason

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2021.10.28 14:24 ttttnnnnwwww Go on if you're brave enough

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2021.10.28 14:23 Jaguars4life Helluva Boss but it’s a

Helluva Boss but it’s a 1950s sitcom
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