Don’t talk to me or my son. (I like that he is on the paper)

2021.10.28 15:39 MrTinkle5 Don’t talk to me or my son. (I like that he is on the paper)

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2021.10.28 15:39 TheQuitts1703 Do we have any Reddit detectives on this sub?

I think this would definitely be a possible lead if we could figure out who M is, as this person allegedly did. Does anyone think they might be able to do it?
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2021.10.28 15:39 MurdockLLP We hope you have a good game against Liverpool too

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2021.10.28 15:39 wistfulove r/EXO's Showtime: 160129 EXO - "EXO's Showtime" Ep10 Unseen Cut (Lay Haunted House)

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2021.10.28 15:39 beautifull_heart مافيه احد

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2021.10.28 15:39 EngineerWrong9612 Yotsuba_Memes_V2

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2021.10.28 15:39 joelmclaurie This or Cafe Remix?

Hi! I wanted to try one of these games, and I’ve seen that the cafe one got like a really big update or somethint like that recently, and I know that this one is already “finished” so I wanted to know which one is cooler. Thank you!
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2021.10.28 15:39 Amazing_Refuse_6521 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 – Future is our legacy😎😎😎

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2021.10.28 15:39 reddit_feed_bot NewsMax: Rubio: Biden's Social Spending Plan Codifies Socialism

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2021.10.28 15:39 magicinitiategames [LFM] [Paid] [5e] Discover the magic and the mischief of the Feywild in the latest official D&D adventure: "Beyond the Witchlight", a new campaign starting at 1st level, Thursdays at 8pm GMT [$20]

The latest official adventure from Wizards of the Coast, "The Wild Beyond the Witchlight" takes us to a place that has always been at the heart of D&D but has never really been explored directly. Beginning with a wacky tour through a planes-hopping circus, the campaign brings us to the heart of the Feywild and the Domains of Delight. In search of something they lost in their childhood, our heroes will embark on an unforgettable journey through a world full of enchantment. However, all is not right in the Feywild. A dangerous enemy awaits concealed by trickery and illusions. In order to recover what was taken from them, our heroes will have to take on the responsibility of reuniting the sundered realm of Prismeer. In a realm where the way to victory is never direct, our heroes will have to rely on their wits and cunning more than their spells and blades.
The adventure begins at 1st level, and as such is suitable for beginner players. This is a medium to long-term adventure, and will be played weekly at the same time through Roll20 and Discord. We will be using the officially published module and assets with original art, races, and fae-themed magic items.
It is very important for this campaign to be a success that players create characters together during session zero. The character's backgrounds, their flaws, and their personal losses, are integral to the narrative. We will be using the Roll20 compendium to create and level up characters throughout the campaign. For players who are not familiar with Roll20, starting at level 1 will make it easy to learn their way around the platform.
For the full listing, see:
Or for my DM profile, with reviews from more than seventy previous players, see:
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. You can find me on Discord as magicinitiate#4816. Let me know if you are interested in setting up a private run for your existing party!
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2021.10.28 15:39 youtuber00 REACTION A SCHERZI A PARTE! #Outlow_Station #HypersNetwork !prime !sub !social

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2021.10.28 15:39 NSFWLeia First Chanty of the Season

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2021.10.28 15:39 kulasiy0 Also inner peace

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2021.10.28 15:39 drak0bsidian Prayer/statement for a safe, successful hunt

Given where I live, some of my community are hunters.
We're meeting tomorrow for Shabbat oneg, and one of my buddies asked (kind of joking) if there might be something said for a good wild harvest.
We all know hunting isn't largely allowed in Judaism, but I have to image there's something, somewhere, that's relevant.
Across the Jewish spectrum, any ideas?
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2021.10.28 15:39 Commercial-Potato-26 Adapter, Me, Pen, 2021

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2021.10.28 15:39 mrmckeb Vaccinated arrivals and COVID contacts

We are supposed to arrive in Australia (Sydney) on 6 November, and are fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, we came into contact with someone that tested positive to COVID later that day. They were fully vaccinated, and only slightly symptomatic.
The Australian Travel Declaration form asks if we've had contact with anyone with COVID "in the last 14 days", but doesn't ask when, and can be submitted up to seven days before a flight. We'll be ticking that box as when we land in Australia it'll be 12.5 days since contact.
What isn't clear is, are we still eligible for quarantine-free entry into Australia (assuming we tested negative pre and post-flight)? I can't find this information anywhere.
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2021.10.28 15:39 luvchuu True or False questions. Do you think 4 is true?

True or False questions. Do you think 4 is true?
I said 2 & 5 are true.
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2021.10.28 15:39 ravirashwin If the total oxygen content of atmosphere is constant at 21%, then every increase in human population must be a corresponding decrease in population of non human oxygen breathing living beings in the world

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2021.10.28 15:39 brotherspence Music during sailing

Typically, when you first set sail, there are lots of wonderful musical flourishes that augment with the overall sound design. I can't find any of this music on the OST's or anywhere on youtube, etc etc. Does anyone know where you could find these? Sailing music?
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2021.10.28 15:39 -OP_pls- new putter

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2021.10.28 15:39 Nkuri37 Has the fanbase ruined any character for you?

When I first got into CC, I didn't mind Daniel too much but after I saw the endless stuff and obsession the fanbase had for him it kinda put me off. No hate for the people making the content though, y'all are valid and keep having fun. Do you have any character that the fanbase soured you on?
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2021.10.28 15:39 gamerb00 Is this OK for a middle schooler to wear I don't think so (talking about the top)

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2021.10.28 15:39 KryptoBoiz $BTBT SQUEEZY DD

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2021.10.28 15:39 MountainWorth4300 It's never

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