Mr Mister - Broken Wings

2021.10.28 15:30 Fair_Ask670 Mr Mister - Broken Wings
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2021.10.28 15:30 CopycatTheFurry I made this as a joke but now i think this can be an AU

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2021.10.28 15:30 nevergonnagiveu7up U gotta see this picture of my boyfriend OMG

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2021.10.28 15:30 KnowledgeTasty2188 Just a thank you.....

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to OneSimpleWish!!!!! Our agency has been so blessed with the generosity of those granting wishes. What you are doing is truly special
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2021.10.28 15:30 Welcome2Broncoland COURT

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2021.10.28 15:30 GROWANGL Hundham / Bavaria / {our little Farm life}

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2021.10.28 15:30 inaoz Theo’s blep

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2021.10.28 15:30 Rick_Has_Royds Don’t mean to sound ungrateful but these snack options kinda suck.

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2021.10.28 15:30 Berserk-Gutts Conforming non-conformists

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2021.10.28 15:30 Yinonormal What is papi?

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2021.10.28 15:30 MetrZinth Se puso rara la fiesta de disfraces

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2021.10.28 15:30 transferadvicenu What is the easiest class that fulfills the Systems breadth for Computer Science?

Basically the title. I really hated 213 and am overall quite uninterested in systems, so looking for the least painful way too knock out this req next quarter. thanks in advance for any suggestions
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2021.10.28 15:30 Manlikefunk Not sure if somethings up with girl I’m dating/ don’t want to come off as needy by asking

Sorry for long post, not sure what to do here really. We’re both 31, have been dating since end of June. She’s away for 5 weeks, 3 weeks business then 2 to visit old friends. Before she went we agreed we were exclusive. She was disappointed that she wouldn’t get to see me for so long, said she’d miss me, I said the same. We’d made a big date plan for mid november though when she’s back.
So she seemed V busy/ overworked/ tired in the business part. We Skyped at the end of the 1st week, but after that didn’t get a chance. I’m aware she was busy/ now seeing friends she hasn’t seen in a long time, so I’m considerate of that, not badgering her all the time etc. Since she’s been visiting friends she’s been more chatty and ‘about to chat’ though.
We were texting lots on Saturday when we were both out with mates. Then a bit on Sunday evening when I said ‘I miss your face’, trying to be sort of jokingly affectionate. She just replied ‘aww haha’. Maybe overthinking it but that’s not a great reply to get to that surely? I know we’ve been chatting frequently so she maybe hasn’t had much chance to ‘miss’ me, and I know she can sometimes be a bit awkward/ introverted over text, but still seemed a bit off. I wasn’t saying it to get her to say it back, although the ‘I don’t have much to say to that’ response was kind of the opposite of what I expected.
Last week I gave her a solid plan/ date proposal for bonfire night, when I suggested a bonfire night date on Skype weeks ago she seemed up for it. But last week she said she’d ‘let me know’ if she’s working that night, and hasn’t. I would’ve thought she could use my ‘I miss you’ message to follow up on that plan for when she’s back. Again I consider she could just’ve been busy and forgot to ask her work about that, but it’s that classic/ dreaded ‘I’ll let you know’ response and I don’t really like feeling like I’m chasing someone to get a straight answer about a date, especially 4 months in.
The text convo on Sunday sort of ran it’s course, it got late, I was the last to text (nothing time sensitive) but haven’t heard from her since. Sort of feels like she’s gone from chatting lots, to not at all. I don’t really want to seem needy/ anxious by asking. It’s not bothering me hugely but it’s definitely on my mind a little off. I don’t want to play games but mainly her awkward response to me saying I missed her and then not hearing from her since makes me feel I should take a step back/ let her text me if she wants to… I know I should probably act as normal and just text her something as I normally would though, but again, feel like I’m chasing. Massively overthinking here though, I know.
TL;DR: girl I’ve been exclusive with for 4 months is away for 5 weeks, business and visiting mates, back next week. We’ve kept in contact and had a Skype in the 1st week, and also had already made a big date plan for mid-November. I said on Sunday ‘I miss your face’ and she replied with ‘aww haha’, which seemed a bit awkward/ off. I was the last to text (it wasn’t something that needed a reply though), but haven’t heard from her since then. Seems like she’s gone from texting lots, to dropping off, which feels off to me.
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2021.10.28 15:30 Cjrami74 Does Track Ordering Matter?

I love Donda, i think it’s an amazing album. My only gripe has to be the track order. Imo the track listing order has a huge impact on an albums replay value and overall experience? My ideal order would be
Donda Chat Donda Jail God Breathed Off the Grid Praise God Ok Ok Junya Remote Control Hurricane Jonah Moon Keep my Spirt Alive Jesus Lord 24 Heaven and Hell Believe What I say New Again Lord I need you Pure Souls Come to Life No child left behind
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2021.10.28 15:30 yet-another-writer An Extinct Race Revived Part 5

Once the morning rolled around Alph was still asleep and I decided to try some magic for today. I was slightly hungry when I woke up but I decided to test the extent of photosynthesis. So I skipped breakfast and headed outside.
After finding a clearing that was near the cave I was about to cast mana ball before I had a grand idea. If a ball can be made with mana why couldn't a square be made, or what about a pyramid possibly a sword and so I decided to cast mana ball but instead of thinking of a ball I thought about a sword. And it actually worked. I made a sword. It felt strange to hold due to how light it was. I decided to look at my mana 15/40 ¨twenty five mana to make a sword?¨ I asked nobody in particular that seemed super low. And it was just about impossible that I was the first to come up with this. If I had to fight someone then I was probably screwed. They would be able to make better stuff. After thinking about what I could try to do to improve magic my train of thought came to an abrupt halt as an arrow flew past my head missing by an inch. I suddenly realised my sword might not be very sharp. I immediately jumped behind the nearest tree to use it for cover. I gripped my sword and shouted at them ¨why are you here?'' They replied
¨to remove your fetid existence from this world.¨ It seemed that there was only one of them. I decided to look at my stats to see just how boosted my stats were:
Name: Colt J. Mason
Race: Human
Class: N/A
Level: 1
EXP: 0/10
status effects: Calm,Curious
vitality: 10. (40) hp (400/400)
Strength. 5 (20)
Dexterity. 4 (16) stamina 80/80
Magic. 3 (12)
Mana. 2 (8) mana 55/80
Casting. 2 (8)
I figured between my hp and my hopefully high damage reduction I would be able to win the fight. But I likely wouldn't be capable of winning a two against one even less if there were more than two. If I made another sword then I would still have 30 mana left. I decided to hope that my hp would and damage reduction be enough to win if I died then there would be nobody to protect the forest. So then I created another sword and jumped out from behind the tree and lunged, sweeping my swords in either direction. I missed the swing but it did confirm my suspicion that there was only one person. Though they seemed to be a different person than the hunter that I fought. So that confirmed that nobody liked me. They also had an axe, which meant that they would try to strike hard not fast, so I had to remember that. ¨angry one aren't you. ¨ they spat at me as I regained my balance.
¨Says the one who came to attack me.¨ I spat right back at them. They just shrugged it off and began to attack me. After taking the first swing of his axe to my shoulder it made minimal contact enough to hurt quite a lot. The system had a message popup presumably it was the damage I took. I would check that later. I leaned back and braced for his next attack so I could block with one of my swords and attack with the other. He swung for my non-mechanical arm prompting me to swing at the handle of the axe and hope that my sword was strong enough to either break his axe or kill him. My sword had stuck itself into the handle of the axe and my other sword was right in front of their chest.
¨I concede. ¨ they stated in a matter of fact kind of way.
¨I believe you have a fundamental misconception of the word concede. You use it in a duel or when sparring not after a hot mess of an assasination attempt. ¨ I lightly chuckled.
¨You overcame someone many levels higher than yourself. And still lecture them you really are a human, if you would have me I would enjoy the ability to be your companion.¨ this made me really think one one and they could betray me, but on the other hand they could be quite the helpful companion. They might be able to tell me more about magic and this world's history. I decided to ask them about they're stats and level they used check on themselves and showed me they're stat sheet. It seemed that they had a strange stat layout for someone using an axe; they were also level 11.
¨Alright but if you start seeming like you have malicious intent then your dead.¨ I warily agreed hoping that this wouldn't come to be a regret.
¨ Thanks I'll explain myself.¨they said relaxing now that my sword was lowered. I decided to check the message the system sent me during the short battle. Damage received: 272. I nearly fell over now that adrenalin had worn off. My max hp was only 200 when the adrenaline rush wasn't active . I looked over at my hp 73/200. Well then I nearly died note to self don't get hit with an axe. ¨How about we return to my cave then we can discuss more on this subject ¨
After the human had guided me to their cave I noticed a wolf I instinctively put my hand on my axe. This was swiftly responded with ¨hurt Alph and you'll wish you were never born.¨ by the human this Alph seemed to be the name of the wolf. I swiftly took my hand off my axe. The human sat next to the wolf as it began to wake up. "So explain why you want to join me and what makes you so different from the other elfs that wanted humanity dead." The human inquired.
"First let me explain the history of elfs. Elfs have almost always been split for many reasons. First off let me explain the two main factions of elfs. There are the traditional elfs, and the religious elfs, the tradidonal elves are more akin to humans in which we are more bonded with nature and animals, the reason I tried to kill you was due to the fact that you seem to be a crimson beast in your power but once you seemed to be capable of common thought other than just speech I conceded the fight. But the religious elves are much more common and wanted humanity dead because they believed the gods saw humanity as abominations." I told him hoping that he would believe me. I told the truth but I was at the humans mercy so he could kill me if he thought that I was lying.
"Can't prove or disprove that so I just have to believe you. But if you try to hurt Alph your life is forfeit to me." the human stated in a manner that you could tell he wasn't joking or lying .
As I awoke the creature was talking to one that was not of the forest but the creature not of the forest was seemingly scared by what the creature was saying. This did make me happy . As the creature noticed me waking it pulled out some berries and gave me some. As well as giving me head pats, it's mood seemed to improve as well.
After feeding Alph their breakfast I looked back to the elf that I had been talking to and I decided proper introductions were in order. "Names colt. What's yours? " I inquired
"Eli. Owing to the fact that you bothered to introduce yourself I assume that you are allowing me to be your companion." they responded.
"A decision I hope not to regret any time soon." I confirmed. "So what can you teach me about magic?" I swiftly inquired.
"Not much I'm afraid, never found myself particularly prone to magic." they responded.
"I'll just go practice some more because I never got to finish practicing earlier." I decided.
"Before you go can I ask about your swords, they seem quite intriguing the way that they glow. I presume that they are enchanted but why make them glow." they asked.
"They're made of mana, that's what they glow. I was practicing spells and you attacked me. I had just made one; they are ridiculously cheap in terms of mana." I replied now thinking to myself "maybe I was the first to think of making swords with mana or at least almost nobody else knew how to make weapons out of mana."
"Can I come practice magic as well? If you were able to defeat me with some simple spells then I won't be much help to you if a more difficult enemy comes along." they asked.
"Alright then let's go practice some magic." I decided. As we got up and headed to the clearing Alph practically stuck to me not wanting to move away from me but still staying as far away from Eli as possible. Once we got to the clearing I decided to sit with Alph for a little while and pet him.
sorry this one took so long to get out I had some struggles trying to make most of this chapter seem good
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2021.10.28 15:30 feetfeeet Loving it cozy

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2021.10.28 15:30 LeakyLycanthrope What can I do with tteokbokki that isn't super spicy?

Months ago, I bought a big bag of frozen tteokbokki at an Asian grocery...and then forgot about it in pretty short order. I've just rediscovered it, and I would like to use some.
The problem is that my chronic lung disease has progressed to the point where too-spicy food can trigger a coughing fit, including a level of spice I used to like. (Let's be honest, it was never that high--I'm a white Canadian prairies boy--but it was more than some!) But I'm given to understand that the typical dish of tteokbokki is pretty spicy. Those I've seen thus far certainly are.
Are there other common sauces, or other things I could do with it that would be less spicy or not spicy?
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2021.10.28 15:30 Ok-Rip8775 My baby just came back from the vet and was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease😭. She’s 11 years old this has been devastating news. We don’t know where to go from here. Has anyone gone through a similar situation? :((

My baby just came back from the vet and was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease😭. She’s 11 years old this has been devastating news. We don’t know where to go from here. Has anyone gone through a similar situation? :(( submitted by Ok-Rip8775 to BostonTerrier [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 15:30 MrFattyBoombatty [MO] Chadder

Chadder is in boxes today! He's mostly just been gifted in clothes that he likes wearing. If anyone would like to come and adopt this cheese mouse just lmk!
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2021.10.28 15:30 FukenRonald Plugged in a new riser, booted it, smelled like burnt, now pc wont boot up.

Hey there, so I plugged in a new riser on my strix b450-f gaming mobo, booted it and it smelled like burnt (not super strong smell tho) and now my pc wont boot up. Didnt I just fried my motherboard? My psu? The mobo is lighting up when I flip the switch on the PSU.. Send help.
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2021.10.28 15:30 powerliftingdaddy Custom Black Series Utapau Shadow Trooper

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2021.10.28 15:30 Abdoukuro Is surf/double team fine build on Greninja ?

So I like to run double team because I find it fun and it messes with people most of the time , but I'm bad with water shurikan and it just feels awkward move to me , is it alright to run double team with surf instead ?
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2021.10.28 15:30 SavageCabbage325 Nightmarrion could be coming to Security Breach, I have compiled all the evidence of that chance of his return...

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2021.10.28 15:30 opinionated_fangirl Concerned abscess is not healing properly after i&d

(18f, 5’3”, 115 lbs) I had a perirectal abscess drained 6 days ago. Diagnosed by student health services who gave me Bactrim, 10 day course that I’m almost finished with now. Went to urgent care for it because it was so painful I couldn’t concentrate on anything. They squeezed a ton of pus out of it, then packed it and sent me home. The packing fell out 24 hours later. I made an appointment with a colorectal surgeon to follow up 3 days after i&d and he said they didn’t cut deep enough, shoved something up into the incision (which was extremely painful) then got more pus out of it, gave me some extra gauze and sent me home with a follow up in 2 weeks.
I noticed the area around the incision is still very hard, like there’s something under the skin. It’s not really swollen but just hard. I’ve poked at it a bit in case it needed help draining, but it only yields a bit of pus. It’s also painful to the touch and when pressed on, but not when I’m standing, sitting, having bowel movements, walking, coughing, etc. Does this mean it’s not healing properly? I haven’t been able to do the recommended treatment of sitz baths because I live in a college dorm with a communal bathroom, so I’ve been trying to take hot showers but the showers suck in my dorm and only get hot for a few minutes and then run lukewarm after.
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2021.10.28 15:30 hellen_kopf Halloween Sale

Hello, necromancers!
The Steam Halloween Sale has started!
Iratus and the DLC received discounts:
Iratus: Lord of the Dead - 70%
Iratus Supporter Pack - 40%
Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer - 50%
Iratus Halloween Skin Set - 67%
Call your friends and have fun!
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