What a legend! ⚒

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2021.10.28 14:37 fora_bozoladrao What a legend! ⚒

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2021.10.28 14:37 SpectateWatch rate my ccp avatar

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2021.10.28 14:37 aoishimapan Scooter vintage 150 / 125

Que tal, desde hace un tiempo tengo ganas de comprarme un scooter con un estilo italiano vintage tipo Vespa o Lambretta / Siambretta, solo que no me da el presupuesto para una Vespa original. Vi que hay varias copias chinas de la Vespa en las marcas nacionales, como la Zanella Exclusive 150, Motomel Strato Euro 150 y Corven Expert 150 Milano, que son todas una Zongshen Milano 150 con otra marca. Alguno tiene alguna experiencia con estas Vespas chinas de marcas nacionales? En estética son las que mas me gustan por el parecido con las Vespa, pero escuché que no son muy fiables.
Después también están la Beta Tempo 150, Gilera Piccola 150 y Motomel Strato Alpino 150 que también tienen una estética similar y también son chinas, mas específicamente una Lifan Sienna 150. Estas también me gustan bastante y tienen algunas ventajas sobre las otras 3, como ruedas de rodado 12 y pedalines para el pasajero. Alguno usó alguna de esas o tiene referencias?
Fuera de lo chino, lo mas parecido que encontré son la Sym Fiddle II 150 y la Kymco Like 125. En estética me gustan un poco mas las chinas pero estas se notan motos con una mucho mejor calidad, aunque la Kymco ya es bastante mas cara que las otras, pero la Sym la vi en Mercadolibre por un precio similar a las chinas. La Yamaha Fascino 125 es otra similar pero está incluso mas cara que la Kymco.
Aclaro que sería mi primer moto y la quiero mas que nada para moverme por ciudad, con un uso no muy exigente. Y además de las que nombré, hay algún otro modelo que me recomendarían para que tenga en cuenta? También aclaro que no la voy a comprar ya mismo.
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2021.10.28 14:37 Blockzr ROFL😂😂😂

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2021.10.28 14:37 alemeda7475 I made EHO for the first time last night. I used a Critical Mass that's been curing for a week.the flavor is amazing like the color , it tastes exactly like the weed smelled. I will filter twice and colder next time because there's enough fat in it that it darkens the bowl.

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2021.10.28 14:37 tacoburgler Archer queen is in every single match I play, and it will continue to be until it gets nerfed. This is not my first grand challenge today, my last couple where all archer queen every match. Archer queen is even flooding top 100 decks

Archer queen is in every single match I play, and it will continue to be until it gets nerfed. This is not my first grand challenge today, my last couple where all archer queen every match. Archer queen is even flooding top 100 decks submitted by tacoburgler to ClashRoyale [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 14:37 celtickitchenwitch Anyone use a lemon balm tincture to help keep nervous system in check?

I started taking lemon balm tincture from Herb Pharm twice a day (doing 3x on my period) in hopes to keep my nervous system in check. Has this helped anyone else?
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2021.10.28 14:37 Adrien6540 Catra She Ra

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2021.10.28 14:37 triyoihftyu French conscript of the 9th Engineer Regiment, 1976. [5463x3585]

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2021.10.28 14:37 ManufacturerSimple11 Frogs

what funcionality u thing frogs will have in the new update?
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2021.10.28 14:37 yourmom86 [BOXEM] Clearly Hostile Low Class WH Corp looking for new members in USTZ

We are a PVP minded corp that live in a C3 with Low-Sec static looking for members on a new adventure. We are just establishing and looking to jump in and make a new home and shoot our wandering neighbors to make friends as is Eve tradition.

What we offer:
Small Scale PVP - Wormholes provide a unique experience in cloaky and brawling PVP that isn't as predominant in other parts of space.
Training - We believe you can learn something new everyday and often we learn something new everyday as well. We want to share what we know know and help teach you as we hunt or even run sites during periods of rest.
Growth - As we are establishing there are opportunities to help guide the direction of the Corporation towards our mission statement which is undock and shoot!

Willingness to learn, we do our best to help provide answers but you should be self sufficent enough to find information as well.
Omega status
5 Million SP - This is negotiable, still apply if this is a hang up and we can discuss
Enjoyment, we want you to have fun and provide an environment where you are excited to join discord, undock and shoot other people, at the end of the day its still a silly space game.

Message me in game at MorningZtar or join the in game channel "Clearly Hostile"

Our Killboard:
Our Discord, pop in and say hello!
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2021.10.28 14:37 Andro_Sphinx_69 Mistakes were made...

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2021.10.28 14:37 dulcekl I just bought the dip🥰

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2021.10.28 14:37 Clear-Good-8455 Cairo University

Is there anyone here studying at Cairo University? I'm interested in meeting like-minded people.
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2021.10.28 14:37 luke134212 Gareth Emery/Believe Set Times?

First time going to believe music hall on Saturday so was wondering what time the main act usually comes on over there, thanks!
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2021.10.28 14:37 Vazeric The Beast - Knight RPG by Bonhotal William

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2021.10.28 14:37 biobasher Any way to lower TDP in bios? (6700xt)

I'm moving my 6700xt to a media centre box with a 250w PSU (card runs at 125w when mining with Afterburner settings).
Even other bluemoon the driver crashes and i remote in and find the 6700xt is burner 200w and i'm guess the starting surge coupled with rest of components in the machine is going to be enough to trip the psu.
Is there anything i can do in RBE or similar to cut the max tdp down to something like 150w so it will power limit when everything goes wrong and the machine will still be available to remote into and fix.
I've tried searching but the earlier threads on this topic were all RX570/80 based.
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2021.10.28 14:37 Mr_RavenNation Help Changing state/country borders

What app/platform do you guys use to adjust state/country boundaries?
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2021.10.28 14:37 CORBINGUSTAFSON10 Corbin Gustafson

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2021.10.28 14:37 DagothNereviar Does anyone else feel like chicken has gotten terrible these past few months?

Maybe it's just me. But it smells weirder, tastes weirder and I usually feel ill after eating it (From various sources)
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2021.10.28 14:37 3301CC 2007 E92

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2021.10.28 14:37 minie_mia how do i comfort a friend who's grieving?

recently my friend's close family passed away. we haven't talked that much aside from the "im always here for you". I haven't been active lately in my friend groups and over the years we both changed, i dont know if her love language is still the same when receiving love. i really want to comfort her properly.
any tips? please.
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2021.10.28 14:37 Adrien6540 Catra She Ra

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2021.10.28 14:37 beecoscad How do I become a Halo Modder?

I've had an idea for a weapons mod for a really long time and was wanting to try my hand at building a mod for Halo Reach. Do you all have any advice as to the best way to start learning how to Mod Halo games?
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2021.10.28 14:37 OverPlastic8204 Kreepi tikis red tiger is on point

If you love a faster red definitely try the red tiger from kreepi tiki!! It is so good, it really perks me up and lifts my mood with some good feels, gives me the much needed pain relief, and I even get a tad of energy but reds do that to me. It's great on its own or mixed with another color. Aniexty relief 4/5 Pain relief 4.5/5 Mood boost 4/5 Energy 2.5-3/5
All around ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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