Vanguard Grinding prep - Dark Matter Ultra - Positive vibes

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2021.10.28 13:46 Chustins Vanguard Grinding prep - Dark Matter Ultra - Positive vibes

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2021.10.28 13:46 CacataCharta I'm starting to wonder if my relationship years have passed - update

A few weeks ago, I made the following post, wondering whether I really still want a relationship. The link is as below:
So, it took me about a week to get the nerve to end things with man #3. I told him that we just seemed to keep missing connection, and we were on different wavelengths as far as each other's schedules and emotional needs. I said that I knew I was not there when he needed me, and the same was the case with me. And this was true.
I don't know how well I said this. I know that I try to be gracious, to say things honestly, and I try not to be mean and pick someone apart. But the conversation did not go well. He was upset and angry. He pressed for details. He tried to talk me out of it. Then he told me that he does not think he is ever going to be happy. Then he started to blame me for being guarded (yes, I was - because we had been seeing each other for only about a month, dammit!), and that he felt I was hiding secrets from him. Then he started to tell me that it was unfair that I was not communicating with him and I expected him to read my mind. He said that he thought I never felt safe around him, and I said that was true (I had said as much before.) I He said a few more things that felt unfair at the time, but it was such a difficult conversation that I honestly can't remember the specifics.
So here I am now, having wanted nothing more than to get out of this relationship, but now feeling just as lonely as ever. To top it off, I am finding myself regretting ending things with man #1 (who now has a girlfriend). Intellectually, I understand completely what I am doing here: I underestimated how hard this would be, and am feeling lonely again. And confused. That is not stopping the feelings from hitting me anyway.
I guess I just need to lick my wounds again for a while and go from there. But I am feeling so goddam weary of starting a relationship only to have things go wrong again.
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2021.10.28 13:46 hipostajm Michael (Simp overlord) money: 0 twitch thot money from simps : 9999+

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2021.10.28 13:46 Important_Tough1508 Need Advice

So I finally finished the petrine GHB revival!-- and I was just wondering if it's better if I use her at +3 instead of using a +0 B!Eliwood
I'm keen on using windsweep as her B skill but I have no idea what to put on A and C slot-- would it be good for the long run if I was to give her atk/spd solo 3 on the A slot and I guess just Threaten res on C?
I just need a sure-fire counter to F!Edelgards in Arena (and since I'm using a merged unit-- I bet I'm going to get more base scores too).
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2021.10.28 13:46 Sphingobium Does anyone know if they still make these or something comparable ?

All of the post 2015 TOPS Ampad computation notebooks are way different and I don't like them. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy one of these exact ones or if anyone knows of something as good as these. Thanks in advance everyone!
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2021.10.28 13:46 CodyWaits More beard than porn, but we can always make both happen more.

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2021.10.28 13:46 IllustriousDay3241 Darkrai on me now 1315 6775 3102

Only 5 min left!
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2021.10.28 13:46 Blast2408 Pack de Little Baby Descargar:

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2021.10.28 13:46 TaiwaneseMonarchist ik what i gotta do

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2021.10.28 13:46 Hefty-Ad-8964 Haloween Horrors SKIN Rewards

Hey All,

I just started the event and since the event explicitly claims rewards are the same for both sides I went with the Amarr faction..... Big mistake.
SKIN rewards are different and the amarr ones mostly suck. Just slight color changes over the base skin.
While the blood raider skins are actual blood raider skins on ships I didn't see before.
Why does the event claim to have same rewards when they are clearly aren't?
Also how about a preview or change option to avoid such mistakes in the future?!
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2021.10.28 13:46 Zewen_Senpai Scythe

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2021.10.28 13:46 hjayyyyyy POV: your opponent is America

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2021.10.28 13:46 iceman0296 Maxinder

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2021.10.28 13:46 droidshatt Rebooting before the Monterey installer

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2021.10.28 13:46 HudsterBigManTing Well....

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2021.10.28 13:46 jpalm716 PVP and PVE strat including which Heros to use? The Hex strat isn’t working against stackable strat… my damage is too low.

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2021.10.28 13:46 roktmy Offering Arabic, seeking English

Hi, I speak Arabic and can also speak in English to some extent, I want to expand my vocabulary and find more than a a word/expression to express my thoughts and ideas easily. I also like to help people speak my language because it's so beautiful once you know it. I have a discord and Skype, my Discord: roktmy#0547. Have a nice day!!
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2021.10.28 13:46 Birdy_Cephon_Altera Plans for Northwest Side ATM burglary thwarted by muddy ground. Would-be burglar ran off leaving truck running.

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2021.10.28 13:46 Ok_Board9424 AMERICAN SHIBA🐕 | $USHIBA | Best Dog Coin Community🦊 | 8700 HOLDERS STRONG 💪| NFT Market Place🎨 + Swap + Farm Staking + Charity Funds 😇| 2% Redistribution on all Transactions 💥

AMERICAN SHIBA🐕 | $USHIBA | Best Dog Coin Community🦊 | 8700 HOLDERS STRONG 💪| NFT Market Place🎨 + Swap + Farm Staking + Charity Funds 😇| 2% Redistribution on all Transactions 💥 submitted by Ok_Board9424 to CryptoMars [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 13:46 tcblock Can’t decide on a new laptop, needs recommendations.

I know my plan is to wait til winter (January?) to get a new laptop so things will change by then. Also very aware of supply issues and it will cost a lot as well.
I need a lightweight but super powerful laptop that can run the latest games, last for nearly a decade if possible, and able to withstand my travels and digital nomad lifestyle. Laptop will be plugged in all the time anyways.
I know I can go a desktop route and I planned that years ago, but with my lifestyle, it’s unreasonable, so I have to stick to a laptop.
Current laptop that’s running decently for 9 years: a Sager NP9150 15 inches laptop that was top of the line and customized back in 2012. As you can imagine, it cannot handle the latest games, but it still works well decently enough. But it’s time for me to upgrade to something new that will last me nearly a decade. I have been looking at ASUS G15 (white one), but I’m not sure if it’s reliable and will last me up to a decade.
Brands to avoid: ⁃ Alienware due to paying for the name. ⁃ Razer, due to quality issues long term. ⁃ HP ⁃ Brand new brands that aren’t known in the market for years.
Brands I’m ok with: ⁃ Sager due to how long it lasted me. I don’t mind customizing it again from Xotic PC. ⁃ ??
Wants: ⁃ Mostly minimalist look but colorful led keyboard is preferred (not necessary though) ⁃ No hardcore obvious gaming look or loud branding. Subtle is important for me. ⁃ White laptop looks sleek, but I’m fine with black. ⁃ Top of the line and if necessary, able to replace some parts (mainly hard drive and small stuff) ⁃ Good cooling system without risks of leaking if it’s liquid cool. ⁃ 15 inches laptop only. No 17 inches. 13-14, I love, but I struggle to see sometimes, so 15 is the best for myself.
Thank you for any suggestions, feedback, and issues you may have with your laptops that fits my needs.
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2021.10.28 13:46 Same-Answer8765 it to bad for 2 etb

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2021.10.28 13:46 soldierofcinema Sam was 33 when he graduated from college

In this culture that celebrates child prodigies I think it's worth pointing out famous late bloomers.
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2021.10.28 13:46 AlterNein Anyone interested in doing a modded car meet?

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2021.10.28 13:46 EIDWGIABF30 Should unrealized gains be taxed?

For those who don’t know, it is the potential value of a stock. This tax has been proposed in Congress recently.
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