a9er3 5zfb6 33995 5rh6f y2yfr sseak dbkht abdhd 98697 24i8z tshd2 2ye6y s926h e6iib nh9ff 679e5 y3h65 8tkbn 8ykyn y4f6a ihhis One week ago there was an Austrian Conference that took place in origin city of Carl Menger- Nowy Sącz. Among the interesting lectures about Menger and Austrian School itself there was announced new project that polish Mises Institute is going to accomplish- production of documentary about Menger. |

One week ago there was an Austrian Conference that took place in origin city of Carl Menger- Nowy Sącz. Among the interesting lectures about Menger and Austrian School itself there was announced new project that polish Mises Institute is going to accomplish- production of documentary about Menger.

2021.11.28 06:28 theWarstin One week ago there was an Austrian Conference that took place in origin city of Carl Menger- Nowy Sącz. Among the interesting lectures about Menger and Austrian School itself there was announced new project that polish Mises Institute is going to accomplish- production of documentary about Menger.

One week ago there was an Austrian Conference that took place in origin city of Carl Menger- Nowy Sącz. Among the interesting lectures about Menger and Austrian School itself there was announced new project that polish Mises Institute is going to accomplish- production of documentary about Menger. submitted by theWarstin to austrian_economics [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 06:28 JimblessGod Matchmaking doesn't work

Ok. Going straight to the point. The "sbmm" system that this game has doesn't work (I know it's not exactly sbmm but it has some sort of skill based matchmaking), and I decided to do an experiment.
My main account is level 350+ and I have a total of 1.60 KD and tried to teach the general mechanics to some friends of mine, currently level 17 and 15, well this is a known thing, the whole lobby was diamond, masters, and preds, which made the game unplayable to be honest.
So I decided to do a new account so I could teach them properly and I annihilated the whole lobby, not once, not twice, but 7 times. I got the 4k damage badge, and dropped like three 20 bombs all around.
My point being, there is no middle ground in this game while playing with friends, you'll either get the hardest, sweatiest lobby in your life or the botiest one. (Which I may add made me feel ashamed of myself because this people had absolutely no clue what was going one)
I honestly don't know the solution to this problem, but the current state of the game is clearly not it.
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2021.11.28 06:28 GMetryTrio testingggg

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2021.11.28 06:28 uglyasablasphemy Is there any reason for why we still don’t have custom display names on consoles?

My PS account is [name][lastname] as it is on all my other accounts, and it really bothers that Psyonix doesnt give me the option to change it to something else.
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2021.11.28 06:28 ImThatStonerKid DXM & DPH Trip Report

5:00pm: Despite all the warnings: here goes. Starting small. Mixed 30 ml of DXM syrup with 30 ml of DPH Syrup (was having a brain fart but i think that equates to ~100mg of each)with Sprite and a sugar free monster and have just started sipping on it, about to take a bong toke. 🤘🏻
Update I (6:07pm): Sitting in my gaming chair, debating another bong toke. Definitely starting to feel it now. Started tripping a little bit, then had a bit of anxiety for a few min and had to lie down on my bed beside my dog and just relax. It worked. Now back in my gaming chair. Feeling the familiar body load associated with DXM but with some newer feelings that I can’t quite figure out yet that I assume belong to the DPH. Generally feeling pretty decent 👍🏻
Update II (9:21pm): Played some Xbox and listened to some music and it was pretty chill. Have a bit of headache bc I’m probably a little dehydrated from not drinking enough water and possibly high blood pressure. Yet, I’m just about to re-dose the same amount and continue playing
Update III (12:11am): definitely feeling pretty good rn 👌🏻. Headache is still bugging me a bit though. Probably not a good thing to take acetaminophen atm but I’m going to take an extra strength Tylenol to see if that helps. Other than that it’s going well. Played some Xbox for a while. May finish each bottle off and just say fuck it 🤷. I really hope my body isn’t too worn down by Monday lol
Update IV (1:13am): Just had a cool trip in the bath but here’s the thing: so I have a nightly ritual where I bring a drink and bong with me to the bath and have what I call a “bath toke.” 😂. However, this time I was feeling a little anxious because I feel like I can feel some slight DPH symptoms but haven’t tried focusing in on them so I only took a couple small pulls off my bong and then just let myself trip some more.
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2021.11.28 06:28 TheasurusGaming Valo Montage

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2021.11.28 06:28 Old_Bed8247 SHIBAWORLD 🌏- Best hidden gem | Just Launched | Journey around the world with 7% $SHIB rewards | DEV will be in voice chat before and after launch

Join us on our journey around the world with ShibaWorld🌍 Our goal is get everyone involved and take this rocket balloon across the planet! If you had enough of Rebase and high tax tokens and you are sick of Jeet devs pulling liquidity at 10k MCAP than this is the right token for you.
Holders will receive 7% SHIB tokens through an auto-staking integration. A reward for our diamond-hand holders!
Automatic LP added to allow the price floor to steadily increase. This allows a healthy growth with stability! Increasing returns for holders! Auto LP Feature & Auto Reflections, Increasing the Price Floor & Returns
We all hate snipers and whales, so ShibaWorld has some great measures coded into its smart contract to prevent these. ShibaWorld is aiming to become a community oriented project, where members can participate and get rewarded through reflections and giveaways. LP will be locked, no hidden team wallets, no closed chat, VC is open every day. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have!
Total Supply: 1B
Max Wallet: 3%
Tax: 10% (7% Reward, 1% LP, 2% Marketing)
Contract: 0x84e2399B481C4f34991274d83A91adFEED2EF2a5
Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x84e2399B481C4f34991274d83A91adFEED2EF2a5
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x39c0513e523424fc28b0b779486b1efe0332135e
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x84e2399B481C4f34991274d83A91adFEED2EF2a5#readContract
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2021.11.28 06:28 ContentForager2 ULPT: Keep hydrated at work. You'll need to take a lot of bathroom breaks. This will make up for all the breaks smokers get. Might as well double up and start smoking (/r/UnethicalLifeProTips)

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2021.11.28 06:28 mrdvtiop Hornhub (HHUB)🤳 Closing gap between content creation and DeFi | Social Media type platform for interacting with fan community and creating NFTs from the content directly on the platform 📹|📸 Basically DeFi at its best for artists, infuencers... etc!🧪 Beta testing next week! Don't miss !

Hornhub (HHUB)🤳 is making a name for itself in the Decentralised Finance space as the project that consistently under-promises but over-delivers. A content creation, fan subscription service, HHUB has gone from strength-to-strength since its release one month ago thanks to a previous six months of meticulous planning, as well as a dedicated and growing team of laser-focused individuals who are masters of their respective fields. The talent pool includes a published author handling all content creation, top-of-their game graphic designers and web developers, tech and data experts, a professional and lauded group of moderators, and a platform designer who previously created the OPSkins website for Valve’s immensely popular video game, Counter Strike.
But what exactly is Hornhub? For the uninitiated HHUB is a project that bridges the gap between content creation and cryptocurrency, and aims to become the most revolutionary fan subscription website in the world. Using an intuitive, social-media-styled platform native to the Binance Smart Chain, the project will utilize its upcoming subscription-based website to allow content creators (known as ‘Talents’) to autonomously build and run their own hub, connect directly with fans, and securely and instantly earn for their original content. The project also incorporates a trio of fundamental utilities that link together to form the foundation of the company. Firstly, there is the aforementioned subscription-based platform itself, which – due to its on-ramping of Fiat – requires no cryptocurrency knowledge for customers to use. At the back end the site is directly connected to the second utility – the $HHUB cryptocurrency token. Fans can use simple credit or debit card payments, which then purchase the token behind the scenes before distributing it to be used as credits on the site. A taxation fee is levied on all transactions, which is then broken down to aid liquidity, fund marketing, enable charity donations, and grow the project. The third linked utility is the upcoming HornHub Marketplace, where NFTs can be bought, sold and traded by fans, all while earning royalties in perpetuity for the performers who minted them with the simple click of a button.
⚙️ Key Sats:

📊 Tokenomics: 📑 Useful info: 📈 Chart: poocoin.app/tokens/0x907da75a846fc0978869616f1c68783ee99067b5
🔒 LP Lock (1 year): https://team.finance/view-coin/0x907Da75a846Fc0978869616f1c68783EE99067b5?name=HornHub&symbol=HHUB
🕵️ Audit (by SolidProof): https://github.com/solidproof/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/SmartContract_Audit_Solidproof_HornHub.pdf
✉️ Contact: 💬Telegram | 📺Instagram | 🌐Website | 📱Twitter
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2021.11.28 06:28 omardwider This subreddit is turning into منتدى فتكات

From the cheap FB memes, to the weird extra patriotic (sisi-isn/trump-ism) unrealistic political/social posts.
What happened? We had something good and positive going on, where we could discuss and share stuff that is “taboo or outlawed” on mainstream media in Egypt.
This used to be a safe space, now all I see is shitposts.
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2021.11.28 06:28 spelinngbeechamp What happens to dogs that are in car accidents, where the human victims are incapacitated?

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2021.11.28 06:28 coljavskiyi Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

✅Liquidity lock: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/3974?chain=BSC

Link Buy
✅Contract Address: 0xE2B10d9EAbaBAD2E44e77ea8E64B840BCC80656E
✅Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xE2B10d9EAbaBAD2E44e77ea8E64B840BCC80656E

☘️ CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
☘️ Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
☘️ Listed at MEXC and CMC today

✨ Website: https://centaurify.in/
✨ Telegram: https://t.me/CentaurifyGobal
✨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentaurifyBSC
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2021.11.28 06:28 Da-Nasty-One balls

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2021.11.28 06:28 DysfunctionalSchurik Today Is Hug A Furry Day! :D

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2021.11.28 06:28 V2blazer Getting started on Beefy

Hi all, I’m trying to get started here by staking in the pools. When I finally manage to load the app > buy tokens > it brings up the swap tool on VVS finance. Is this correct?
After managing to buy a pair, I go back to the beefy app and can’t “add to liquidity”
Appreciate the help here
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2021.11.28 06:28 AbsoIute__Zero Here's a perfect loop of Korone's Death Stare

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2021.11.28 06:28 IammadIguess What Does This Damsel In Distress Want From The Detective?

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2021.11.28 06:28 _Woolfix_ Overwatch Discord With current nitro giveaway

Hey everyone! I sure hope this is allowed but I've created a new discord where we can find easy games to play together it has self roles for comp players so you can easily find a match and don't have to wait that 1-2hrs for dps queues I sure hope you join so we can have enough members to easily and always have people playing and active thank you so so much if you join I really appreciate it! Join via this link https://discord.gg/xPEkzzUsK9 Or add me and I'll invite you at Flakey#6110
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2021.11.28 06:28 eyebeatusilly any valorant tips someone can give me? (anything helps. I'm all ears)

I'm diamond 1 at 19 RR. Kinda low but in 50 days I'm sure I could grind to a higher rank. But to do that imma need some tips. Anything helps, even if it's something just extremely basic. If anyone has any go-to strats I could use on different maps that would mean a lot too. Thanks in advance to anyone.
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2021.11.28 06:28 TellYourDogISaidHi88 I’ve read many places that IQ tests are not an accurate measure of intelligence, but if they aren’t, what is?

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2021.11.28 06:28 CultureAccomplished9 Forza 4 or Crew 2?

It's Autumn Sale on Steam today and I was planning on buying Sea of Thieves but have no friends to play with so I decided to just buy a racing game since I'm a big fan of the genre. Should I buy Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition for 700 PHP (14USD) or Crew 2 Gold Edition for 660 PHP (13USD)? There's not much of a price difference between the two and I'm a fan of both series.
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2021.11.28 06:28 Im_SpEb Late Night Egging Leads to the Breaking of Something

Me and two oof my friends went out to the park one day and one of them brought eggs. We obviously knew what he wanted to do with them so we hung out at the park for a little while playing with other people we knew when one of my friends suggested we go egg because it was getting late. So, we headed out walking through our neighborhood (which is the second worst idea we had that night) looking for a house that had no cameras. That turned out a lot harder than we expected and we ended walking around for a while. Until I got bored and saw a house and just threw the damn egg at it (it was a magnificent throw btw, it perfectly hit the little roof that comes out and it splashed all over the door chefs kiss) and we started running. Then, right after i threw my egg and we've barely ran past one house one of them says, "You want to run some more?", and throws an egg. SMASH!!! We hear something break (and I am pretty sure I heard glass falling onto the floor so I think it was a window). And we start sprinting for dear life, and the one that threw is just gone. By the time we catch up to him he was already in his house hiding, which was a pretty long run away. Just had to get that out there.
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2021.11.28 06:28 BasedSunny Had to say goodbye to this sweet boy last week. I learned how to ride with him 5 years ago, and I'm absolutely devastated

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2021.11.28 06:28 inspired_by_retards I have a box of eevees and scythers for anyone who wants one

Also 3 drifloon eggs I randomly have. Just post what you want I'll be in 4444 5555 Zerlyn
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2021.11.28 06:28 your_dog_is_gay_ What's your worst procrastination moment?

Mine was that I had to do a homework assignment in the summer, it was 50 pages and 40 words per page and I did it the last day at mid night, I procrastinated it for 2 months.
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